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Dear Valued Customer:

     With the current economic situation facing the metals industry, it’s likely that you’ve become aware of pending price increases from suppliers. In fact, recently announced tariffs are affecting costs in many industries.

Daikin Applied and several of our other suppliers have recently announced price increases for all equipment that has not been released to production prior to June 15, 2018.  Even if you have issued a purchase order to D&B/Daikin, orders must be released no later than June 15th and ship no later than December 15th in order to maintain quoted prices.

If the project schedule doesn’t require the equipment on site in 2018, please consider taking delivery this year as a way to mitigate the impact of the increase.

We understand that this pending increase may create challenges for your business, which is why we are giving as much advance notice as possible.  We will continue to monitor competitor pricing actions, and we are confident that Daikin’s pricing will remain aligned with the market.

We truly appreciate your business. Our team is ready to work with you to determine the best course for your projects, goals and budget.

-D&B Engineering


D&B Engineering is excited to introduce Daikin's NEW Rebel Applied™ rooftop unit. This game-changing equipment is 37% shorter in length and 30% lighter than legacy rooftop units all while providing unmatched efficiency with EERs exceeding 11.0 and IEERs up to 17.0. Rebel Applied™ is also the only rooftop HVAC system to meet ASHRAE's standard for leading performance in airflow design.

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D&B Engineering supplied (4) four Daikin 500TN chillers for Dayton Avenue Elementary School in Passaic, NJ. D&B was able to meet LEED and NJ Smart Start efficiency requirements with low maintenance air-cooled machines in lieu of typical water-cooled machines on buildings of this size (448,000 sq.ft.)! Utilizing Daikin's Variable Speed Screw Compressors with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and refrigerant economizers, D&B was able to achieve ultra-high efficiency. Daikin also earned an additional LEED point by reducing the refrigerant volume with micro-channel condenser coils.


D&B is proud to announce our new partnership with Yanmar, manufacturer of gas-fired VRF units. Eliminating the need for costly electrical upgrades (single-phase up to 14 tons), Yanmar's gas-fired VRF equipment can meet the HVAC needs for many D&B customers in the NJ/NY metro area. Additionally, Yanmar's gas-fired VRF pairs with Daikin controls, evaporators and components.