Tecogen's TECOCHILL natural gas engine-driven chillers will significantly reduce commercial growers' energy costs using clean, plentiful natural gas. For more information, click here.

D&B Building Solutions is the northeast experts on providing healthy environments for indoor cultivation. D&B offers specialized equipment options from leading HVAC manufacturers to ensure commercial growers obtain a healthy crop each and every time. See below for more information on Daikin Modular Chiller Plants, Alliance Air Handling Units, Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization, and Tecogen's gas engine-driven chillers.

Filter options and standard Global Plasma Solutions' Bi-polar Needlepoint Ionization in the coil section guard against contamination of your valuable crop. 


Daikin’s Modular Chiller Plant (MCP) is engineered and constructed in the USA for your specific cannabis growing needs. Whether placed outdoors or on your facility’s roof, Daikin’s MCP simplifies the HVAC solution for the cannabis grow room market. Realize revenue from your investment sooner while providing the best environment for your product. Click here fore more information.

Alliance equipment includes Latent Energy Recovery, which is best for cultivators. It’s proven technology delivers latent dehumidification at night and sensible dehumidification during the day. Redundant fans and drives provide added protection against crop loss from ventilation equipment failures.  Click here for more information.