High efficiency condensing boilers with dual fuel capabilities, non-condensing copper fin boilers. ModSync Custom Boiler Sequencing Systems.

The most compact, free-cooling, modular chiller in North America

Air and water cooled portable air conditioners.

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High quality PTAC’s, thru- wall air conditioners and heat pumps, water source heat pumps and gas-fired heating units.

Advanced modular cogeneration systems including micro generators for distributed generation (DG) projects.

Natural Gas Engine-driven Chillers provide a reliable, efficient, and cost effective alternative to conventional electric motor-powered chillerstecogen.com​

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Commercial Rooftop A/C units from 2-50 tons, air cooled condensing units and indoor air handlers suitable for split system applications.

Oakwood Air LTD SCAVS and water cooled indoor package units.

Heat energy recovery systems including aluminum flat plate, rotary wheel, heat pipe and total energy recovery.

SecureSeal AL29-4C venting system for use with high efficiency boilers.

The pioneer in needlepoint bi-polar ionization cold plasma technology. Energy and cost savings via OA reduction using ASHRAE Standard 62.

Unit heaters, duct furnaces & indoor and outdoor H&V units.

Powerful combined heat and power (CHP) units from 35kW- 4MW that run on a full array of flexible fuel options.

Stainless steel braid hose kits. Options include AutoFlow regulator, P/T ports, Shut off valves, and strainers.

VRV Solutions

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) equipment and ductless mini-split systems.  Available in air-cooled, water-cooled, heat recovery, or heat pump systems

Applied Solutions

Air and water-cooled chillers (scroll, screw, mag-bearing and centrifugal), air handlers, packaged rooftop systems, water source heat pumps, unit ventilators, and fan coils units.

MCP Solutions

MCP (Modular Central Plants); Daikin factory-built Central Energy Plants; Self-contained cooling and heating plant solutions.

We are proud to represent Daikin-the world's largest manufacturer of commercial HVAC Products.  The three most significant segments of Daikin's business are: